1. A coarse, reddish-brown, homespun fabric.
  2. Country dress; homespun cloth.
  3. A reddish-brown colour.
    russet colour:    
  4. A reddish-brown pigment prepared from madder root (Rubia tinctoria); "a true middle hue between orange and purple."
    (From 1880s British/American dictionary.)
  5. Variety of apple of russet-coloured, rough skin.
  6. Variety of potato with dark gray-brown, rough skin.

6 letters in word "russet": E R S S T U.

Anagrams of russet:

Words found within russet:

er ers erst es ess est ests et re res rest rests ret rets rue rues ruse ruses rust rusts rut ruts ser sers set sets st sture sue suer suers sues suet suets sur sure sures sus te tes tres tress true trues truss ur ure ures us use user users uses ut ute utes uts

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